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CGSoft with 20 years experience in the design, implementation and support of ERP systems at companies in Greece and abroad meets through its suite of business software Thesis.net fully and functionally any business need, regardless of size and activity. With a modern and user-friendly interface, built-in systems for connection with all  smart IP PBXs and business intelligence systems, unlimited customization and scalability features, it ensures coverage of all particular functionality needs of businesses during their growth by offering complete interconnection of all the departments, functions and information of company from a uniform and single interface. The application leverages all the innovations of the Microsoft operating environment, and exploits the full potential of the SQL Server.

Thesis.net ERP,  working together with other systems of the Thesis.net suite, incorporates integrated business processes that cover the entire range of financial services and operational procedures.

Thesis.net ERP extends processes to cover collaborative environments, manageable by the company, customers, partners, and suppliers.

Thesis.net ERP upgrades efficiently business processes by offering high integration and availability of information. The breadth, depth and flexibility of Thesis.net ERP is excellent, making it a pioneer and leading ERP solution on the Greek market.

Thesis.net ERP allows its gradual extension in steps to monitor the constant changes in the business world, and add processes or solutions whenever the need arises. Companies no longer need to be burdened with the costly and time-consuming replacement or upgrade of the IT infrastructure.

Thesis.net ERP integrates and activates progressively existing IT assets, allowing significant savings during the process of procedure development and improvement.

Thesis.net ERP offers improved performance, flexibility and scalability. The solution is easily scalable and has a built-in and simplified configuration, significantly reducing the cost of use.


System Management. Includes user management (roles, rights, profiles, etc), the environment for configuring the company, multi-currency management, single management of unlimited accounting periods, printer management, full customization of the application and detailed management all database objects.

Warehouse Management. Includes the maintenance of items, the detailed configuration of the warehouse, advanced system of price lists and pricing policy, inventory procedures, eshop infrastructure and full cost accounting system (with cost predictability records). It fully supports normal items, color & size, serial numbers, batches, items with dimensions, items without quantity, simultaneous monitoring of 2 units of measurement, extensive support of barcodes.

Customer – Sales Management . Includes the maintenance and extensive customization of the subsystem of customers, vendors and sales goals, coding of transactions (rows, document types, types of receipts), procedures for parametric definition and versioning of documents, turnover discount procedures, balance age analysis (FIFO, open items), the credit policy. Includes mass procedures of document transformation and full range of parametric prints.

Customer orders  Includes a full follow-up of quotes, orders, automatic updating of their status and history and their categories. Supports fully total or selective cancellation procedures for orders, dynamic and automatic collection proposals, shipment approvals, collection completion (picking & packing), quality control procedures, deliveries, issue of picking lists, automatic transformation into sales documents, etc. Full support of barcodes.

Supplier-Purchasing Management. Includes the maintenance and extensive customization of the subsystem of vendors and creditors, coding of transactions (rows, document types, types of receipts), procedures for the parametric definition of documents,  balance age analysis (FIFO, open items), the credit policy. Includes a full system for costing imports (import folder) with cost allocation, document transformation processes and full range of parametric prints.

Purchase orders. Includes a full follow-up of quotes and orders, their categories and the automatic updating of their status and history. Supports total or selective cancellation procedures, approved buyers system, full approval system, quality control procedures for receipts, transformation into purchase documents, full support of barcodes and purchasing price lists.

General & Cost Accounting, Cost centers. Support of general accounting and cost accounting plan of unlimited levels, multiple calendars, transaction coding, concentration accounts, off-book cost centers and revenue. Support of allocation, reallocation scenarios, cost reallocation scenarios, automatic import of items from Excel. Automatic generation of periodic VAT statements, aggregate list of invoices, submission of balances, budget system (revisions, deviations, etc.), balance sheet issuance, Intrastat statement, etc.

Cash Management. Coding of types, positions and accounts of securities and types of receipts. Maintenance of securities with full history. Automated management of tables (transfers, them, repayments, deposits, etc). Full range of parametric prints (Portfolios, Maturity statements, Cash Flow, etc.).

Assets. Detailed categorization of assets (facilities, departments, agencies, officers, categories and types). Support of depreciation types, automatic creation of depreciation and other transactions (e.g. sales). Graphical representation and transfer of assets to facilities, departments and offices. Integration of asset into asset. Full range of parametric prints.

Retail Integrated system for the issue of retail receipts and refunds with full support for barcodes. Additional maintenance of retail customer (marketing) data, with history of transactions. Issue of invoices by automatic application of the corporate policy and, monitoring of cash (cash, cards) and expenses of stores.

Import Manager Subsystem  for the automatic import/export of data. Updates Thesis.net  with data supplied by any external system in known formats (Excel or ASCII).

Thesis.net BI (viewer). Dynamic online business intelligence management system. Includes extensive list of parametrically defined business concepts with unlimited possibilities for personal configuration (layouts, dynamic adders, etc.), extensive implementation of Pivot Table technology, implementation of Microsoft SQL Analysis Services technology, chart generating programs, Business alerts, indicators on map system, etc.

Lastly, the application development environment Thesis.net Application Builder built in Thesis.net Framework ensures immediacy and excellent performance in the design, development and delivery of additional applications, changes, improvements, etc. offering the required flexibility to the specific needs of vertical markets or bespoke solutions.



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