Gentilini Winery utilizes for Wineries

Customer Profile

In the past decade, Ms Marianna Kosmetatou, daughter of the founder Spiros Kosmetatos, and her husband Petros undertook to run Gentilini with new ideas and bold movements, proceeding systematically to new plantings, suspension systems and experiments both in winemaking and in bottling. At the same time they designed and implemented organized business expansions integrating rosé and red wines, which are already generating significant success and bring awards. With the same diligence they proceeded to parallel activities (e.g. running a hostel) and they very rightfully succeeded, the winery is a point of reference for the island. The key philosophy of the owners remains ever increasing performance, dedication to local varieties (e.g. Robola, etc) and emphasis on the promotion of their specific character, centered around quality, taste culture of maximum enjoyment for consumers .

Business needs

Gentilini Winery in its effort to upgrade and strengthen its product offering, recognized the need for optimal organization of both its production process and its commercial management. In this context, the new owners, while strengthening the position of the winery in the market, chose to use the technology and modern methods of recording, and controlling processes by installing an IIS. The challenges faced and the requirements set by the company itself throughout the production phase were too numerous to be resolved using old tools, as it should monitor and record data on plots and crops per phenological stage and/or stump, statements of production-crop collection per producer or in total, multiple simultaneous weighings, check and adapt to the requirements for a wine to qualify as QWPSR or local wine (check of kg/acre, etc.), record & convert kilos of grape to liters of must, calculate wastage in the crusher, ripper etc., monitor vinificators, oenological product consumption during sieving, filtration or cooling, export of byproducts (lees, etc), check the content and components of available tanks, dates of filling, transfusion into barrels, bottling information, full history, traceability, varieties, crops, detailed costing etc. That made any request for centralized information an extremely complex task. The use of business intelligence and the confirmation of the initial design were limited and much lower than the requirements and goals of the company’s management, as they were obtained using old, low productivity tools. The production monitoring system required radical reform, the accounting system automatic updating, the automations of processes required significant enhancement because of the volume of information, etc. Furthermore, at the level of promoting products and qualitatively utilizing business intelligence needs were constantly increasing.

The Solution

The most appropriate solution required the combination of many features such as integration, operational completeness, interconnection of production, commercial management and promotional activities, scalability and reliability. And all these in a single environment and in conjunction with a reasonable purchase and maintenance cost. At the same time, the application should ensure the scalability of the program following the needs of the business. Furthermore, the system should be accompanied by a complete ERP, with built-in business intelligence (BI) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. The choice of the integrated platform, in conjunction with specialized applications developed specifically for the company (all fully interconnected into a single aesthetic and functional environment) rose to the challenge immediately as they fully meet the objectives of the management. At the same time it is also a modern and scalable system that can serve directly present and future needs.

The benefits Project already offers great results. There was an immediate increase in productivity, reduction of the cost of production and increase of competitiveness. Corporate information is immediate and fully utilized for assessment and business decision making by the management. Operational problems of the past have been resolved, management and managers now know where, when and how they will act to advance the development of the company with the necessary safety and quality of products. The system is very user friendly. It was immediately accepted by the employees and became an irreplaceable tool in the daily operation and growth of Gentilini Winery both in Greece and abroad.