ZOIS EFSTATHIOU SA utilizes fully
Thesis.net ERP, Thesis.net BI,
eThesis.net B2B, eThesis.net

Customer Profile

Since 1946, ZOIS EFSTATHIOU SA, faithful to the legacy of its name, follows the developments and adapts to the needs of yachts and friends of the sea.Outboards Mercury & Mariner, motors Diesel VW Marine, boats Quicksilver & Valiant, versatile boats Walker Bay, generators Mase, catwalks and cranes Opacmare, refrigerators Vitrifrigo, hydraulic steering systems Ultraflex and a huge variety of marine products make up ZOIS EFSTATHIOU SA.

Business needs

ZOIS EFSTATHIOU SA covers a wide range of activities, from the import, trade (wholesale and retail) and support of engines, boats, equipment, spare parts and general marine items. The complexity resulting from the coexistence of all these activities, the very high standards for customer support and the requirements for the automation of processes with suppliers created the need for a highly sophisticated cutting-edge technology information system. The system must ensure a very high performance, 24x7x365 operation, maximum reliability and scalability depending on the business plans of the company each time. Moreover, the establishment of broadband (ADSL) connections has led to demands for new functionalities, such as online ordering for the network of partners and retail customers (eshop)

The Solution

As the most appropriate solution, following serious market research, was chosen to install and use the integrated information system Thesis.net ERP, in conjunction with the business intelligence system Thesis.net BI, the system eThesis.net (B2B) and eThesis.net (B2C). The use of these solutions responds with exceptional success to the demand of ZOIS EFSTATHOU SA for a reliable, compact, fully functional and integrated information system. Thesis.net ERP implements fully and accurately the complex trading strategies and specific agreements with customers both in the back office system and also online on the Web (B2B system e-ordering, e-catalogs, etc). Each certified partner monitors online on the WEB all information concerning him (accounting, commercial, personal profiles, etc.). Thesis.net supports an advanced sales forecasts system based on historical sales data and automatically generates purchase orders. The integration of the products Thesis.net ERP, Thesis.net BI, eThesis.net B2B and eThesis.net B2C (eshop), in a single environment provides unique benefits to the company such as a point of entry and maintenance of even multimedia data with obvious benefits for the company’s productivity. The system has been in full productive operation with zero downtime for over 2 years.

The benefits

The proper management of the resources of the company led to the reduction of operating costs, the automation of internal processes, and improved customer service. The integrated information system Thesis.net plays a decisive role in achieving these goals. It is the tool of successful implementation of the development strategies of the company. The selection of best practices by Thesis.net and the constant implementation of cutting edge technologies ensure continued investment continuity and the smooth achievement of business objectives. The long, successful and dominant business presence of Zois Efstathiou SA in the Greek market justifies its choices also at the level of the integrated information system Thesis.net.