Thesis an integrated proposal for the business marketplace.

Taking advantage in a direct and effective way the most advanced Microsoft technology (Windows , .Net Framework, Visual Studio , Microsoft SQL server , MS Office etc). The application development environment (Thesis Application Builder) ensures directness and exceptional efficiency in design, development and delivery of additional applications, changes, improvements etc, thus providing flexibility needed for the special purposes of vertical markets or customized solutions.

The fact that Thesis Framework has been favoured as an exemplary greek software platform from major universities(NTUA,UNIPI,AUEB) as well as from large and considerable private and public sector corporations (OSY, BMW, Piraeus bank, Eurobank, Vodafone, Victus Networks, Imerys, TITAN Cement, Lafarge-Holcim AGET Heracles) for developing applications is further proof of its technological supremacy.
  • Modern and user friendly interface.
  • Ensures exceptional performance, high adjustability, augment ability and unmatched reliability.
  • Powerful development platform and application customization. Its width, depth and flexibility render it a pioneer of the greek market.
  • Limitless embedded personalization possibilities of forms and reports.
  • Incorporates a rich variation of gui tools for MIS & BI needs.
  • Utilizes the innovative environment.
  • Fully employs all of the capabilities offered by the SQL Server.