CGSoft Business Software for Serious Business

CGSoft provides innovative software products and requisite high-standard services which cover the whole spectrum of “e-business”. The company has many years of proven experience in Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Property & Real Estate Management, Business Process Management and WEB & Mobile apps technology. The company is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner since 2009. Also, CGSoft has an ISO 9001:2015 certification for all of its business activities.


1986 The company was founded.

1987 Design and development of software for leading Greek brokerage companies (covering 30% of the market).

1988 Design and development of office automation software (AutoOffice +) on behalf of Emporiki Bank.

1989 Launch of commercial software and financial management environment Thesis in UNIX.

1991 Installation of Thesis software at PLAISIO COMPUTERS SA.

1992 Launch of commercial and financial management software Original for the vertical market of spare part businesses in UNIX environment.

1993 Launch of commercial and financial management software Forma for the vertical market of clothing-footwear businesses in UNIX environment.

1997 Thesis successfully supports 300 users on-line (from 12 sites throughout Greece) in one of the most difficult installations for Greek reality, at PLAISIO COMPUTERS SA.

1998 Extensive participation in the localization of Platinum SQL ERP of US company Epicor.

1999 Successful participation in the completion of 10 successful installations of Platinum SQL. Development of additional products.

2000 Design and implementation of sales automation software (Salesforce) on behalf of Compaq Hellas.

2001 Salesforce was adopted and installed in dozens of countries of Compaq EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa).

2002 Salesforce successfully supports 1500 on-line users in 33 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

2003 Market launch of the new innovative Thesis Enterprise applications system covering the areas of ERP, CRM, BI.

2004 Release of the new product Thesis MFG for productive businesses.

2005 Release of the new product Thesis ERP Small Business for very small businesses. Cooperation with specialized companies to provide specialized solutions.

2006 Presentation of eThesis (B2B & B2C), Thesis Mobile and PocketBiz Restaurant products. In the same year CGSoft in collaboration with Italian Sefin and Romanian TotalSoft undertakes the task of implementing the integrated information system of the bank BMW Austria FS GmbH.

2007 CGSoft undertakes the implementation of the integrated information system of the Athens Trolley organization.

2008 CGSoft leads developments and presents the Greek and multilingual version of the next generation product in .NET Framework 3.0 environment. CGSoft undertakes the implementation of the integrated information system of the Athens Thermal Bus Organization.

2009 CGSoft presents the product in .NET framework 3.5, 32/64 bit and Windows 7. Becomes Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and is certified under ISO 9001:2008

CGSoft develops its network of partners in Cyprus as well, and becomes at the same time the exclusive distributor of the products and services of Swiss-German company DRSdigital in Greece, Cyprus and Turkey and representative of such products throughout SE Europe. At the project level it completes computerization of many companies in many different markets sectors (as energy selling companies, pipeline construction companies, wine production companies, etc.) all above with vertical products ( Billing, Pipeline Construction Management, Property management).
In cooperation with Kittiwake Hellas it releases Exas, a specialized product for the online distribution and management of technical, educational and entertainment (movies, newspapers, access to radio stations, etc) material for ship crews. Property Management is installed at Piraeus Bank, Attica Bank and Agricultural Bank, basing its dominant market position. At the same time CGSoft started designing framework in web environment and expands its partnerships with academic/research institutions and submits a joint proposal with MIT Mobile Experience Lab for creating an interactive cultural city guide. Lastly, Winery is awarded by National Association of Graduate Enologists and installed at a number of wineries (Gentilini, Vineyards Gikas etc.). Web Framework is completed and launched. Property Management in installed at Vodafone Hellas and Winery at Lyrarakis Wineries. At the same time CGSoft started designing MOST, an integrated, web-bassed procedures, resources and historical data Management system for the scheduled and preventive maintenance of merchant ships, for the Optimization of Sea Transport. Property Management is installed at the Eurobank and IMO Property Investments in Romania. At the same time, Thesis eProperty Management is installed at two Municipalities and Thesis eWinery and Thesis MIS & SFA are completed. Finally, Winery is installed at Mediterra Wines in Crete and Château Nico Lazaridi in Macedonia.

Release of the new major version 7.0. Property Management is installed at ICI and Cepal. At the same time, the implementation of desktop applications BPM, Thesis Outsourced Property Management and Thesis GDPR, as well as mobile applications Thesis Inventory & Thesis Oeneus are completed. Winery is installed at GAIA winery in Nemea and Santorini, Vaptistis Winery in Tinos and in collaboration with Cesi Exia, the French version of it at two wineries of Alsace. Participation of CGSoft Ltd in a pan-European project concerning the energy flexible housing, under the Horizon 2020 action. CGSoft participates also in the 25th Arab Economic Forum and MIPIM PropTech Europe 2019.

Our people

CGSoft is being staffed by highly experienced personnel with exceptional knowledge over business needs,  technologic solutions and the ability to successfully implement them. The majority of our staff have graduated from high reputation universities (NTUA,AUEB,UNIPI) . Here is a list of our most valuable personnel :


Miltos Lampros Gakis
Miltos Lampros GakisGeneral Manager
Leonidas Zoumis
Leonidas ZoumisTechnical Manager
George John Skiadas
George John SkiadasBusiness Consultant
Angelos Tamiolakis
Angelos TamiolakisCS Manager
Petros Dalianis
Petros DalianisSales & Marketing Director
Anastasia Panourgia
Anastasia PanourgiaSecretarial services

CGSoft Partners

CGSoft’s intention is to conclude long-term and non-opportunistic professional partnerships in Greece and abroad, with major companies that have demonstrated the requisite experience and ability to successfully implement business solutions software with the most modern technological solutions. If you believe that you have the appropriate profile and are truly interested in new partnerships we are ready to present in detail our product and to discuss closely the development of shared perspectives. In the following list you can find our Partners. Do not hesitate to communicate with them: