ERP and a specialized application for companies generating, importing and selling electricity at EFT Hellas

Customer Profile

EFT Group is a leader in the marketing of electricity in Southeast Europe. It trades in approximately 20% of the total energy traded internationally in a region stretching from Ukraine to GreeceEFT HELLAS SA is a commercial company generating and selling electricity and has been licensed since 2005 to supply electricity (150 MW).In recent years EFT HELLAS has increased its activities in Greece through agreements made with both PPC and with large private Greek companies such as: Aluminium of Greece, Heracles SA , Titan SA, Heron Thermoelectric SA, etc.At the same time it also imports and provides to the HTSO electricity from the Balkan countries (Albania, Bulgaria, FYROM, etc.).Lastly, and following the opening of the energy market in our country, EFT Hellas SA already sells electricity to end consumers (industry, hotels, etc.) at very competitive prices.

Business needs

EFT HELLAS by actively participating in the effort to upgrade and enhance electricity import and distribution services recognized the need for growth through directly applicable operational plans for the long term. In this context, while strengthening its position in the market, it chose to use new technologies and modern methods of recording, and controlling all processes by installing an Integrated Information System. The problems and challenges faced by the company were too numerous to be resolved, as it should integrate all relevant pricing policy of PPC. & the HTSO and many independent noninterconnected applications, making it difficult to monitor of critical tasks. Information which in combination with the lack of automation offered by a modern IIS, made any request for central information or information to consumers an extremely difficult and time consuming task. The use of business intelligence was limited and definitely were much lower than the high requirements and goals of the company’s management, as they were obtained using old, low productivity tools.The monitoring system required radical reform, the accounting system automatic updating, the automations of processes required significant enhancement because of the volume of information, etc.At the same time, as regards obtaining and utilizing value business intelligence, the needs of the company grew continuously and required an immediate solution.

The Solution

The most appropriate solution required the combination of many features such as integration, operational completeness, interconnection, scalability and reliability. And all these together with a reasonable cost of purchase and maintenance, the implementation of modern technologies, the possibility for EFT Hellas to expand the system on its own, etc. Furthermore, the system should be fully open, accompanied by a sophisticated business intelligence (BI) management system and of course be linked to the payroll program.The choice of the Integrated Information System of ERP, combined with specialized individual subsystems (customer meters, customers consumptions, management of electricity imports, price lists of the HTSO, PPC, etc) developed specifically for EFT Hellas (all fully interconnected into a single aesthetic and functional environment) rose to the challenge immediately as it fully met the objectives of the Company’s management., a very open, modern and scalable system can be interfaced to serve all of the current and future needs of the company.

The benefits

The use of an automated and centralized Integrated Information System is expected to provide the best results. Processes have been automated to successfully perform the company’s main activity, which is the growth of the network and optimal customer service. Corporate information is immediate and fully utilized for assessment and business decision making by the management. Operational problems of the past have been resolved, management and managers now know where, when and how they will act to advance the development of the company with the necessary safety and efficacy. Customers-consumers have obtain faster a more complete picture of their account as well as of the benefits of working with the EFT Hellas. The system ensures full availability and reliability and becomes a real tool for the operation but also the continued impressively fast growth of the company in Greece.