Thesis Purchasing Management

Managing daily indispensable and complex requests concerning procurements subjected to dynamic ever-changing conditions, from one or plethora of international corporations? Thesis Purchasing Management is the ultimate solution for you.

The variety, volume, complexity and criticality of the requirements combined with the daily needs for effective and integrated management of all the procurements outlines the spectrum and significance of the demands of a corporate organization.  The aforementioned necessitate tremendous endeavor resulting in high costs and leading to undesirable mistakes.

Furthermore purchase departments face communication difficulties due to the geographical spread, delivery ethics and regulations, exchanging vast amounts of documents and possibly central approval automations.

Thesis Purchasing Management is the centralized solution for management of purchases predominantly in large multi-company organizations. The product is adjustable to one’s special needs providing clear and quantifiable operational advantages for the administration of dispersed information and direct as well as secure updating of the management team.

The product supports automatic transfer, registration and update of the data, ensuring performance, marked availability and interfaces with third party applications, security, and personalization.

Utilizing Thesis Purchasing Management offers a powerful build in Business Intelligence (ΒΙ) system, the Application Builder, and the ability to design and develop updates of any scale.

Thesis Purchasing Management provides integrated automations to interface  with the prospect vendors based on inventory categories, registration and administration of quotations and support of the vendor’s selection process with many dynamic criteria (lower price, higher discount, availability) etc.

It provides advanced alert mechanisms, task assignments to user groups as well as remote login and operation.

Finally, selected quotations are transformed to orders combined with critical information including landing points and means, lead time, loading and transportation terms, the issue of the corresponding transportation documents, vendor payments and other useful financial transactions.

Thesis Purchasing Management includes among others a rich set of alerts regarding delays, deviations or failures from the initial planning, insurance contracts, clauses and fines, budget planning and revisions, implementation of what-if scenarios and implements procurement orders calling attention to potential problems and unresolved issues.

The business process reengineering, the efficient resource and document management, the application of automations, the implementation of alerts and various supplementary connected operations yield a competitive advantage for the organization.

Thesis Purchasing Management is the ultimate means, including useful CRM functionality, extended Purchasing Management administration and support, monitoring of the business goals and documenting management facilities and BI updates.

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