The leading integrated application to support the Real Estates administration with embedded BI

Thesis Real estate product increases the effective management, the transparency and ROI including the following sections:

  1. It can operate stand alone or in connection with Thesis Property Management product, supporting entities as commercial, legal and technical properties data, connected activities, cartographic data (Google Maps), KPIs etc.
  2. It supports rich and readily actionable customer data, prospect buyers / tenants, investors’ data, stakeholder’s data, applying search criteria, running targeted marketing campaigns and recording actions, assessments, etc. The above section is covered by Thesis Real Estate and Thesis CRM products.
  3. It can interface, communicate and publish selected data in the Cloud (third party portals), according the European standards.
  4. Daily management and organization of the Q&A system by exploiting Thesis Case Management product and supporting the property development.

Main feature of Thesis Real Estate

-Demand requests

-Offer requests


-Analytics (KPIs, Dashboards)




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