Exemplary management of property portfolio with Thesis.net BI and Thesis.net Property & Real Estate Management

Customer Profile

Eurobank group is a dynamic banking group active in eight countries, with total assets of €72.7 billion and 16,369 employees. Established in 1990, the Group expanded through organic growth and acquisitions to become a leading force in recent years’ developments and the shaping of the banking sector. With a total network of 900 branches in Greece and abroad, the Group offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services to its retail and corporate customers. In Greece, Eurobank is one of the four pillars of the banking system. The Group also holds a strategic position in retail and business banking in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia through ΙΜΟ Property Investments, offers distinguished Wealth Management services in Cyprus, Luxembourg and London and is also present in Ukraine.

Business needs

Eurobank Group in Greece manages daily a very large load of cases, documents, licenses, drawings, maps and files relating to a five digit number of properties. Its needs are dictated by the variety, volume and complexity of cases, the size of the property archive, the technical designs, necessary settlements, licenses etc., their scheduled or unscheduled renewal by public services, in conjunction with the daily need for effective, timely and unified management (technical, economic, legal, etc.) of all properties, and the increased requirements of the management for optimal and simultaneously direct integration of internal processes. These problems were exacerbated by the many independent and non-interconnected applications and as a result the difficulty of monitoring critical tasks. Moreover, with the use of geographical backgrounds (Google maps, Land Registry) and the establishment of broadband (ADSL) connections, requests are made for additional functionalities and/or the remote provision of services.

The Solution

Thesis.net Property & Real Estate Mgmt. is the only specialized solution tailored to the specific needs of the real estate market. Thus it ensures clear functional and operational advantages from the organization of information that in the past was scattered and from the provision of direct and secure information of the management, and any officer. At the same time it supports the automated electronic transfer and update of all the necessary data and guarantees high performance, continuous availability, access rights security, reliability and flexibility. Using Thesis.net Property & Real Estate Mgmt. as a core implementation, and utilizing the built-in BI module and the Application Builder, allows the development of specialized additional specific modules (programs), and reports. The application offers capabilities for updating contacts, calendar, logging problems, actions, etc., supports the logging and display of alerts, and task assignments to groups of users or specific users and includes remote interconnection. The application includes for instance alerts on lease agreement expiry, failure to pay rent, insurance premiums, pending issues concerning legal or real defects, illegal building legalizations, deviations from the budget, etc.

The benefits

The improved operation of the two banks, ensured uniqueness of each imported item, real-time mapping of various data and thousands of documents that before were scattered, automation, alerts, control, planning and standardization of procedures are the direct results of using the new system. The system automates all processes of logging contacts with each party involved, follows up in detail on the technical, legal and financial management of the property of all companies in the group and efficiently serves the goals in the to-do list and/or reports by property category, tenant, region, agreement, etc. At the same time it allows the completion of public documents (Forms E2, E9 etc), monitors all contracts of each property, bills, updates values (objective, valuation, accounting, rental, etc.), automatically generates ratios for each property or groups of properties. Including a number of built-in data tables with information on applicable legislation e.g. land use, real rights, urban planning status, list of required documents, etc. it makes the work of users much easier. Full utilization and immediate acceptance of the product user-friendliness by all completely justifies the initial choice of the Group and rewards in practice CGSoft.