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Now find all the answers to any question concerning your business. Whether you are the general manager or a salesperson, all the information you need is available to you at one point. Without any special training, you are able to obtain any information you wish, to move from aggregate to detailed data and vice versa, to identify trends and relationships, to see every last detail.

Thesis BI is a powerful tool for economic analysis and business intelligence covering every aspect of a business. The online and secure detection of any item of business intelligence, at any depth, improves information and leads to accurate and timely business decisions. The possibility of combining dynamic and multidimensional information highlights every aspect of the company and ensures excellent traceability. Thesis BI includes automatic alerts, automations supporting a host of chart types, KPIs in GIS, access rights, etc.

Thesis BI  uses the latest technologies to support the management in making decisions, which will be based on documented business intelligence drawn from the company’s dataset. The system offers ready business intelligence in real time, without the user worrying about the method of obtaining or calculating it and illustrates it in various ways (tables, graphs, etc.).

Τhesis BI offers business intelligence in practically any way and combination of ways, informing on key business metrics for the warehouse, customers, profitability, etc. starting at the company level and going down to the level of individual clients or products.

Τhesis BI provides alternative means of access to information, based strictly on business data and concepts (e.g. customers, sales, etc.) without any special requirements for knowledge of the way Thesis ERP works.

Thesis BI is a completely open system that interacts and exchanges information with all common office automation programs, ensuring maximum productivity and free choice of tools.


Analysis Services: Thesis BI offers excellent business intelligence by combining item, sales, purchasing data and profit and loss reporting data in a single environment. It immediately and conveniently displays in real time business critical information in practically any combination and depth of analysis, having as an immediate result the dramatic improvement of the level of intelligence in the business.

Business Alerts: Thesis BI supports a system of automatic alerts, which are triggered automatically by specific business conditions. The alerts are automatically sent to selected recipients using electronic messages (emails, SMS) and contain full details of the business conditions that caused them. This ensures direct and efficient information to appropriate recipients for business events that can happen and either require additional handling to deal with them, or are adverse events, and immediate action should be taken to resolve them.

Business Analytics Thesis BI supplies the managers of departments, managers of stores, product managers, but mainly the company’s strategy makers and financial managers with relevant quantitative data on the performance of the business and with the fluctuations of critical indicators over time, providing substantial information about the trends of indicators and changes in their behavior.

Business Explorer. Thesis BI searches for, correlates and distributes business intelligence based solely on business units (e.g. customers, balance, sales, etc.). The user, having a business entity as his starting point, can be automatically informed about each related concept (e.g. a customer’s open invoices, items already purchased or ordered, etc.), with absolutely no knowledge on the Thesis ERP. This business search tool is fully integrated with office automation tools and gives the possibility of generating special reports.

Sales MIS. Immediate and very fast intelligence and reporting tool, which simply and powerfully combines key business entities (customer, customer category, group of items, salespeople, etc.) to return for every possible combination, business critical values ​​(Sales, Gross Profit, etc.) for any time period.

The result is formated using the most widespread reporting tool in the world and is physically distributed in practical any format (PDF, DOC, XLS, etc.).



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