for Wineries (SaaS)

Integrated SaaS management solution for wineries and vineyards

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Thesis family of products can also be provided through a leasing contract in an annual base per user (Software as a Service). The leasing terms and conditions are provided and agreed during the ordering process. In special cases with sensitive data (e.g. banking, etc.) hosting can be provided by the customer as well.

The challenges of competition and the modern demands placed throughout the production phase and the commercial management of a winery and of the vineyards that supply it are too numerous to be resolved using old tools. CGSoft, responding to the daily demand for an integrated software solution that combines a full ERP and production monitoring, developed and offers the most modern -desktop or cloud- application for the integrated management of wineries and vineyards. for Wineries (SaaS) has won the compatibility award for being compatible with the needs of the wine industry by the National Assoc. of Graduate Enologists. It is striking that the product participated and was voted by the majority of oenologists in all categories of the competition, as it was recognized that this is the first application that fully covers the management of all stages of production and the activities of wineries (from the vineyard to the end consumer). The product addresses all producers, regardless of size production with practically zero initial investment (as long as a PC is connected to the internet). It has the ability to monitor in detail all the stages of the production line. for Wineries (SaaS) solution can manage the entire wine production process from the viticulture to the final bottling. Operational problems of the past have been resolved, management and managers now know where, when and how they will act to advance the development of the company with the necessary safety and quality of products.

The Solution:
• Registers in detail the vineyards with georeferenced details.
• Registers analysis data, of the soil, of the leaves and ripening
• Administers and registers the tasks and the formulations used per phenological stage
• Registers diseases and pests
• Administers the production-harvest declarations per produces and totals
• Monitors multiple simultaneous weighing
• Controls production weight (Kg) per acre and adjusts the production level
• Monitors and registers the conversion from Kilograms to Liters of must and calculates the waste in the crusher.
• Monitors the vinificators and the consumption of oenological products by sizing, filtering or cooling
• Monitors the production of by products (wile lees etc.)
• Administers the contents and elements of the tanks available in multiple production lines
• Logs filling dates, racking barrels and keep bottling Info
• Records tasting notes & maturation data and manages semi-finished products and private labels
• Supports history data, lot numbers, varieties, vintage, among others, ensuring complete traceability
• Offers detailed costing and performs a complete check of exports etc.
And all this at a reasonable cost. At the same time, the application ensures the scalability of the program following the specialized needs of the business.

The use of the application ensures to the winemaker/viticulturist:
– Immediate increase in productivity
– Reduced production cost
– User-friendly system readily accepted by employees
– Cutting edge against the competition
– Business intelligence directly and fully usable for making business decisions for Wineries (SaaS) is completed with ERP (SaaS), a complete ERP. Both products, with a built-in business intelligence system (BI) are offering to the user the possibility to make full use of the solution in a single aesthetic and functional, and highly technological environment that provides many features such as integration, operational completeness, and interconnection of production with sales management, scalability and reliability.

At the same time, for Wineries (SaaS) allows scalability (connection to eshop, call centers, mobile applications, CRM etc.) depending on the needs of each company.