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Customer Profile

Mr. Ioannis Charaktiniotis studied at the Athens University Law School and practices law in Athens. As President of the European Lawyer Organization LAW LINK and a consultant since 2002 at the Athens Bar Association, he represent it at meetings of the Council of Bars and Law Societies of the European Union (CCBE) and at CCBE committees on ethics, training ,competition, money laundering, freedom of establishment of lawyers in the EU. He is also a writer and publisher of the book “Lawyers and clients – Business success strategies” and of the authoritative informative legal journal “Lawyer”.His law office, one of the most renowned and experienced law offices providing legal services in Greece and abroad, successfully manages large volumes of critical legal cases, and recently began to actively engage in providing collection services for of overdue receivables in collaboration with important financial institutions in the country (e.g. National Bank of Greece). The experience and the high scientific profile of both himself and all his associates, the constant desire for modernization and the ability to handle demanding cases, bring it deservedly and consistently at the forefront.

Business needs

The law office I. Charaktiniotis manages daily a very big volume of different cases. The firm offers general law services while recently it engages very actively in the provision of collection services for overdue receivables in collaboration with major financial lending institutions in the country (e.g. NBG). The variety, the volume and the complexity of cases coupled with the need for effective, timely and consistent management of judicial and extrajudicial matters, and increased requirements of the management for the optimization of internal processes and ensure the highest quality of the offered services, led to the need for the creation of an integrated information system. The IIS is a specialized system that adapts to the specific needs of the firm to ensure both clear operational and business advantages and also direct and secure information management. It also supports the automated electronic transfer and update of all necessary information in collaboration with major financial institutions. The system must ensure a very high efficiency, continuous (24x365x7) availability, maximum reliability and flexibility of scalability based on the business plans of the law firm. Moreover, the wide establishment of broadband (ADSL) connections, requests are made and implemented daily for additional functionalities and/or the remote provision of additional specific services.

The Solution

As the most appropriate solution it was chosen to install and use the integrated information system and specific programs developed by CGSoft and interwoven with the specific object of law offices. Specifically the following specialized modules have been developed: Law Office, Collections, and other more specialized for drawing on the possibilities of interfacing with call centers, etc. Furthermore, the IIS fully leverages the business intelligence system, BI, interconnected in real time (online) with all previous modules, displaying a wealth of information with key performance indicators (KPIs). The solution offered draws exclusively on Microsoft advanced technologies (.Net Framework, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2010, MS Office 2010, etc). The solution fully supports remote interconnection features and is ideal for developing special additional functions in Web environment. The use of these solutions responds with exceptional success to the demand for a reliable, compact, fully functional and integrated information system. Collection automates fully and accurately the exchange of information and data with large financial institutions ensuring speed, reliability and high functionality. The integration of products and processes in a single functional and aesthetic environment provides unique advantages to the firm with arguably obvious productivity benefits.The system is already in full productive operation with zero downtime.

The benefits

The company’s improved operation using a state-of-the-art integrated information system instead of previous many distinct and independent systems, ensured uniqueness of each imported item, real-time mapping of various KPIs, automation, and standardization of processes are the direct and tangible results of using the new system and the products. The system makes full use of available productive resources, automates all processes of electronic cooperation with external financial institutions and serves with absolute efficiency the high business goals of the office. Alongside the technological environment of the solution, it leverages technologies for remote operation, such as private networks, WEB, CTI, etc. The daily operational use of the environment completely justifies the choice made by Mr I Charaktiniotis.