Thesis WAF

Web Application Framework

Thesis WAF is an open architecture, very flexible development environment on the web (a Cloud platform) hosted in Public, Private or Microsoft (Azure) datacenters.  It enables developers and IT professionals to design and implement business applications in any language, leveraging the Microsoft SQL server & .Net Technology.

Thesis WAF provides a powerful online environment to cover all the business needs of the enterprises of any size. It fully supports business roles, very flexible personalization, manageable reporting, form designer and extremely rich UI. It can manage both structured and unstructured information (unstructured blob) in Microsoft SQL server, with strong support of business intelligence tools.

Thesis WAF is fully customized according to your needs; among others you can configure the DB size, the number of users, the period of use, the user’s forms, etc., without hidden costs.

The Thesis WAF support team is happy to assist you in every technical matter or question. Even in situations when the support team will not be able to respond directly (questions that require the assistance of more sophisticated techniques) you can contact us:

Email: (Get support from the experts of Thesis WAF)

Support Desk: (9am-5pm, local time, business days), Standard time zone UTC/GMT +2 hrs.



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