Thesis Outsourced Property Management

Ensure maximum performance with minimum resources, online
The suite of specialized web applications that distributes responsibilities and tasks to external partners, fully organizes your role as property manager, reduces internal functional cost and provides a strong competitive lead, by securely taking full advantage of the high expertise of your selected partners.


CGSoft, with a built-in experience of 10 years in designing, implementing and supporting integrated real estate portfolio management applications for companies throughout Greece and abroad, offers the suite of web applications Thesis Outsourced Property Management, to fully cover any business functional need (regardless of size): organizing, commissioning, management, control, recording and valuation, for a series of actions that modern real estate managers choose to assign to external individual partners or specialized companies, in order to ensure optimum return/cost ratio, minimize the risks of failure etc.

With a modern and easy to use interface, built-in connectivity with the corresponding desktop applications (Thesis Property & Real Estate Mgmt., Thesis BPM, Thesis BI etc.), with unlimited options for customization and extension in other areas, as well as reporting, it meets the special functional needs of every company, by offering an integrated interface of parties, functions and information related to one or more properties in a unified work environment. The applications included in Thesis Outsourced Property Management, as well as the ones planned for the future, take advantage of multiple technological innovations, as well as opportunities offered by the internet and cover a range of activities, such as brokerage and sales, technical checks and valuations, photography, networking, repairs, cleaning, property demolition (total or partial), etc.