Thesis Project Management

  Organizes and monitors the progress of projects

So, how much do the projects you undertake cost? What is the budget to actual cost ratio? Is the way you allocate the tasks and track their progress the most profitable for your business or are you wasting resources? When exactly will you start implementing the next project? When will you deliver it? Are you sure you can not do it earlier and cheaper? What causes delays in the progress of projects? What should you do to increase your efficiency?  What will change if you undertake a project in between other projects? How you will improve your organization?


Today it is difficult for a service provider or a business that undertakes projects with a sizable staff and different activities to constantly monitor projects undertaken, to have a clear picture of the relationship between implementation planning, consistency and performance of each employee or department, the relationship between the budget cost and the final actual cost, but also much more difficult to schedule and delegate tasks and projects to various people based on the availability of resources, the degree of importance of each project and the specific criteria each time (preferred staff, project leader, etc.) aimed at optimizing operation (minimum lags) and faster delivery of projects or contracts.

The benefits of implementing Thesis Project management are obvious:

  • Improved service quality and reliability
  • Increased productivity and reduced service costs
  • Cutting edge against the competition, modern working environment.

This application does not require the existence of a particular accounting software, is simple to learn and install (one day for installation and training), requires zero time for briefing and guarantees immediate and impressive results.

Thesis Project Management aims to monitor the projects undertaken by the company as well as the contracts of its clients. Issues to which the software answers are the planning of projects and tasks, the review of projects and what-if analysis (e.g. What if I assign a project in-between other projects: When will I deliver it? What impact will it have on the rest of the projects?).

Τhesis Project Management directly and productively draws on the latest technologies of Microsoft. Its interactivity with the user is fully compatible with the latest MS Office versions. It has a modern and user-friendly interface and built-in systems for interconnection with all smart IP PBXs and business intelligence systems with unlimited customization and extension features. It incorporates a rich set of graphical tools adequately covering BI needs.

The environment offers unlimited features of of form and print customizations and guarantees uniform, high quality and esthetic results. Sample prints: Time per project, contract, resource or per service category, new project scheduling, reporting on implementation & change requests by company, project, client, service category, period, etc.).

CGSoft besides Thesis Project Management offers a complete suite of business software products, designed in a complete, affordable and easy to implement, customizable solution, ready to successfully meet all the needs of Greek businesses in an integrated environment: from financial management, warehouse logistics, supply chain, sales / purchases automation and customer relations to detailed information to the management, providing it —in real time— with critical business intelligence.

The built-in application development environment Thesis Application Builder ensures immediacy and excellent performance in the design, development and delivery of additional applications, changes, or improvements, offering the required flexibility for meeting the needs of vertical markets or specific projects.

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