Thesis Logistics

The solution for the most efficient organization of each warehouse.

With Thesis Logistics:

  • Receipts of goods are completed on line using wireless terminals
  • Deliveries are organized, collected and performed with security, fidelity and simplicity
  • Inventories are not any trouble, they are taken as often as needed, and update the system on line fast and securely.
  • Packagings are organized and entered in the system
  • The accounts office and/or the warehouse just invoice after they are informed electronically on the completion of the packaging.
  • Everything is automated.

Key parts of Thesis Logistics

  • Arrivals
  • Deliveries
  • Inventory

Thesis Logistics leverages:

  • Multiple barcodes
  • Wireless networks (WiFi) in warehouses with multiple entry points
  • The upgraded version of Thesis ERP
  • Installed Terminal Services licenses

Thesis Logistics ensures:

  • Faster (up 50%) performance of tasks
  • Zero errors, minimizing corrections etc
  • Reduced requirements of specialized staff
  • Automated checks and alerts for wrong deliveries or receipts
  • Process Improvement
  • Minimization of the cost for the purchase of additional, expensive third-party specialized logistics software
  • A single IIS from marketing (CRM) to Accounting (ERP)
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