The software that takes care of the most important asset of the your company: Your customers.

Immediately improve sales and support processes. Establish a relationship with your customers and create opportunities for young people, focusing on the characteristics of each individual. Beat the competition today.


Τhesis CRM supports and integrates all business processes that interact with the customer or partner (sales, marketing, support) and all media (voice, web, fax, email, mobile). Thesis CRM helps in the transition from a system based on the accounting identity of the client to a system based on a customer-centered approach with the ultimate goal of understanding and evaluating the overall customer relationship to maintain fidelity and adequately identify and optimize his purchasing preferences.

Τhesis CRM ensures full integration of the entire chain from financial management, inventory management, supply chain management, human resources management, and associates with full access and connection to Thesis ERP . The system records all manner of electronic information, connects it to the activity, the person responsible in the company and of course the potential client, partner, etc. ensuring full traceability and direct utilization of all business activities. The internal workflow and of course the organization of the sales cycle is automated, ensuring the necessary standardization and functional homogeneity of the business.

Thesis CRM evaluates the company’s customers, partners and human resources, providing a comprehensive set of key performance indicators that show their behavior history, but mainly the dynamics of changes coming, uncover trends and general map and show at the corporate and personal level their entire business behavior. Thesis CRM is a powerful administration tool with immediate and tangible results, reducing internal costs and providing flexibility in documentation and decision making.


Sales & Marketing Automation: By mapping the internal structure of the sales and marketing departments and product organization, the system manages your prospective customers, assesses and places them in the processes (phases) of the sales cycle that covers a complete cycle, from managing opportunities and offers until the final order. Sales teams identify and group potential customers or contacts depending on the importance or interest of the company, enter and personalize each contact, create forecast reports or evaluate an existing relationship. By defining levels of access to information inside the company the specificity of a relationship is ensured at the appropriate level. As a result of all the above, internal marketing or sales processes are supported adequately and new ones are built by composing processes, priorities and people in a group with immediate result a dramatic improvement in the level of knowledge of the company’s customers, but also in the level of service.

Call center & support management: Support of customer or partner service processes. Thesis CRM automates the forwarding and logging of calls, management of contracts, problems and other business processes. It measures performance in service management, assessing internal processes, service systems and service managers. The optional use of the CTI technology, the possibility of activating process workflows and integration with Thesis ERP offer excellent improvement of the quality of internal and external communication. The knowledge management systems, add documentation and timely responses to problems, ensuring fast turnaround times.

Work flow & user profiles: The automation of the workflow in the marketing, sales and support departments is a permanent need and request. The system fully supports workflow rules, defined or dynamically altered by the company. In this way the tasks of assigning potential customers or opportunities to salespeople, following up the processes of the sales cycle, etc. are automatically included in the corporate philosophy. The security of corporate data in hierarchy or responsibility levels is ensured the specificity of a relationship at the appropriate level, but also accessibility to specific information by means of the parametric definition of access rights to processes or data, but also the establishment of levels of access to internal business information. In this way the system offers the ability to the information owner to manage at will and allow or not his colleagues, in certain departments and/or every employee in the company to view and/or change it. The range of data included in the above logic includes customers, activities, applications, contacts, contracts, opportunities, offers, etc. The system can also activate an auditing system with comprehensive and detailed logging of all user actions at any level of detail requested.

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