Thesis SFA v.1.0

The ultimate on line mobile software application for the mobile devices.Thesis SFA mobile sales app helps improve sales performance by speeding up the ordering process. Use a mobile device to show new products to customers and to quickly create orders and quotes whilst on the road.

Short Description

Thesis SFA mobile application automates and speeds the customer’s ordering process. The salesman has the full picture and control of his customers (orders, documents, profile, card, notes, personal pricelist, historical sales, etc.), of the Inventory (profiles, stock, documents, sales prices, etc.) and the complete management of new and historical orders of his accounts.

Additionally Thesis SFA application depicts the customers in the geographical background (e.g. Google maps) and activates the navigation process in order to facilitate the visits.

Main functionality


A complete preview of the customers in list view or in a geographical background, full maintenance of their details, their connected orders,  their attachments and a full range of reports including:  Customer Tab, Postdated checks, Open invoices,  Price list, Historic Sales, Aging Analysis and Customer Profile).


Full preview of the Inventory, including items view, attachments, Pricelist, Connected items, items Profile etc.


Detailed orders preview, orders maintenance, insert of new orders, with integrated inventory management.

User interface

Among others, Thesis SFA supports column sorting, aggregate functions (Sum, avg, etc.), and column widening.

Multilingual support

Thesis SFA is available in two languages (Greek & English), dynamically defined by the configuration.

Operating environment supported

Supported devices include both smartphones and tablets with the latest versions of Android or iOS. Recommended screen size is greater than 5’ and 7’ for smartphones and tablets respectively.

The technical implementation supports the inherent features of both operating systems (Android & iOS).