Thesis MFG

Plans and organizes your production

Is the way you allocate tasks and track their progress is certainly the most profitable for your business or are you wasting resources?  What should you do to increase your efficiency? How can you improve the organization of your production?

Thesis MFG monitors the production process from the initial request of each customer (make to order, configure to order, just in time), until the need to create stocks (make to stock). It identifies and informs about deficiencies of Raw Materials (creates purchase order), and informs on the utilization of resources (machines, people). It informs about the profitability per production order or customer and fully evaluates the production process (deviations) ..

Thesis MFG perfectly integrates with the processes of Thesis ERP, the storage place of purchase and sales orders in a single environment. It monitors in detail and depth production cost data by product and production order, per employee or group of employees, per machine or group of machines, or any combination of these. It monitors production facilities, production lines, work centers, categorizes expenses and production orders. The process of costing can be based exclusively on cost accounting data (cost centers) or in off-book data from external sources.

Thesis MFG successfully responds to the critical question of every production process, that is how to find the right balance between the cost of information management and utilization. Every business dynamically selects the depth and extent of its use, resulting in excellent flexibility and high usability. Its high integration with all subsystems of Thesis ERP ensures zero interface costs between systems.

CGSoft besides Thesis MFG offers a complete suite of business software products, (ERP, BI, CRM, etc.) designed in a complete, affordable and easy to implement, customizable solution, ready to successfully meet all the needs of businesses in an integrated environment. The built-in application development environment Thesis Application Builder ensures immediacy and excellent performance in the design, development and delivery of additional applications, changes, or improvements, offering the required flexibility for meeting the needs of vertical markets or specific projects.

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