for Mobile users

For each remote user (salesperson, collector, etc.) in their daily work, away from the office.

CGSoft, having 20 years of successful experience in the design, implementation and support of enterprise software, manages through this solution to fully and functionally meet the daily needs of salespeople when they are at a customer, by drawing on mobile telephony. The only requirements are ERP working at the company headquarters, the activation and operation of the IIS (WEB server) and a base telecommunication infrastructure (ADSL connection).

Offered online functions

  • Full customer records maintenance system. Entry of new customer, changes, etc.
  • Order management system for each customer order. Entry of new orders, order history search with full online support for the commercial and credit policy of the company (kept in the central system), as well as full check and updating of stocks of reserved items, etc.
  • Collection update system. Cash and securities are supported
  • Accounting picture of customer with  a detailed record and history of sales for each customer
  • Fully updated on line. Every transaction updates in real time the central system.


  • Absolute on line operation, regardless of the direction of information (cell phone or company).
  • H company has all the transactions updated as they happen.
  • No need for specialized hardware or software. A cell phone connected to the Internet is enough.
  • No need for installation or upgrades for telephones. Each new cell phone is simply connected and is good to go.
  • Automatic, completely transparent and secure operation. Each change in the central ERP, automatically updates Mobile, and vice versa. Support for user authentication, VPN Solutions etc.
  • Very fast and user-friendly.
  • Practically zero need for additional training.
  • A single central installation on a WEB server.
  • Support of ALL handsets with an Internet connection and a display of 2.5 “and above.