Thesis eBI

The online tool providing intelligence to managers

At the hotel, the airport (WiFi), on the road or at the customer, no matter where you are it provides you with every detail of your business by simply using a browser, without requiring special programs or installations (using wireless 3G/4G connection). Through secure access and implementation of authentication rules, all the information you need is readily available and usable without special training. It allows moving from aggregate to detailed data and vice versa, identifies all trends and their relationships. eBI is a powerful on line tool for financial analysis and business intelligence covering every aspect of a business with functionalities similar as those of BI. The possibility of combining dynamic and multidimensional information highlights every aspect of the company and ensures excellent traceability. It includes automation support for graphs, indicator (KPI) system, access rights safeguarding, etc. eBI directly and productively utilizes the latest technologies of Microsoft, is installed on Web servers with Microsoft IIS and works with all known browsers. eBI is supplemented with all business software products of the suite.


Certification – security system: eBI is based on – and requires for its operation – BI, which automatically activates and leverages all the features associated with user rights /or access restrictions.

Business Analytics eBI dynamically informs each certified user (managers, department managers, salespeople, product managers, financial management executives, etc.) with critical quantitative data and performance indicators (KPIs) about the trends of the company using a multidimensional on line information model. The results are shown in tables or graphs.

Information customization. Each user   can dynamically design the layout, grouping, classification, levels of adders and other characteristics of information. The system stores and uses the choices of each user.

Contact. eBI exports data in many formats (e.g. pdf, Excel, rtf, HTML, etc.)

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