Thesis CTI

Telephone over Thesis

Do you want to save time by avoiding unnecessary and possibly “wrong number” calls? When someone calls you besides their caller ID do you also want to have their full information appear on screen. Do you want a complete and perfectly usable directory with all partners and customers, with only one import? Then Thesis CTI is for you.

Thesis CTI is a very important set of features that integrate the information system Thesis with IP PBXs. This way you avoid —at infrastructure level— investments in additional internal telephone network (as you use your LAN), while at operations level it stores every incoming and outgoing call. Then, in collaboration with Thesis BI and/or Thesis eBI, a host of indicators (KPIs) related to use, duration, average employment, etc. of phone calls for every user in the business are updated automatically and online.

Thesis CTI is a complete, integrated and comprehensive tool for recording telephone calls through the common interface of the Thesis programs. They are ALL handled form the same software and numerous programs, installation, training, support, etc. are avoided. A functional part of the Thesis suite of applications, it maximizes the use of all subsystems with obvious benefits, especially in companies with a large amount of telephone communications (telemarketing, collections, etc.). An illustrative example of its use in practice, are the cases where telephone support to a customer exceeds a predetermined duration on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and for this reason we want to “lay out” mechanisms for automatic alerts.

 Thesis CTI provides centralized management and control, leading to reduced operating costs, increased efficiency and competitiveness. Thesis CTI   requires the IP PBXs. It already works quite harmoniously with Cisco, Asterisk, TAPI drivers, etc. IP PBXs.

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