Thesis MIS v.1.0

The best product in order to present on line the sales and the receipts in any portable device (Mobile phone, tablet).The management team, the sales manager etc. can retrieve all the company’s sales and receipt in a multidimensional and dynamic way.

Short Description

Thesis MIS provides on line MIS information for the management team of the company any time, all over the world, using modern tools, smartphones and tablets.

The information is retrieved any time; it is grouped in plethora of ways, as well as sorted and aggregated in a dynamic way on the fly.

At the same time, numerous graphs illustrating the areas of sales, orders, and customer’s financial profile are displayed.

Main selections


There are 2 main tabs

SALES OVERVIEW of the current year sales figures can be organized into time periods (including Day, Week, Month and Year) and compared with those of the previous year.

TOP 10 ITEMS in net sales figures can be organized as aforesaid.

Sales & Orders KPIs

This choice leads to a screen for selecting multiple search criteria (filters) such as Time Period (choose between: a specific date, current week, month, year & past data) and Group (choose between: store / site, customer area, group, segment, vendor, item category or salesman).

After selecting the search criteria, the application automatically displays three tabs:

– SALES with the sales value, quantity, and gross profit, grouped according to your selection.

– OPEN ORDERS with the net value and quantity of the open orders.

– TOP 10 to display in a pie chart the top 10 values.

History Aging Analysis

This choice leads grouping of the data as follows: per customer, customer region, group, category and salesman. Upon group selection, the application automatically displays 2 tabs.

  • AGING ANALYSIS according to the selected group, with the balances, the non-expired postdated checks and the payments.
  • AGING ANALYSIS in pie charts for the selected groups of historical balances organized in six (6) aging brackets.

Cash reports

This option refers the user to the search criteria selection screen (filters): The Period filters include specific date, current week, month and year, as well as past data. The data can be grouped by store / Location and by position / cashier). Then, the application automatically displays two tabs:

CASH REPORT All the amounts are grouped by the selected group and categorized in cash receivables, cash payables, checks receivables, checks payables and Credit Cards.

CASH ANALYSIS All the net amounts are depicted in pie charts according to the selected grouping, per collection type (cash, checks and credit cards).

User interface

Among others, Thesis MIS supports column sorting, aggregate functions (Sum, avg, etc.), and column widening.

Multilingual support

Thesis MIS is available in two languages (Greek & English), dynamically defined by the configuration.

 Operating environment supported

Supported devices include both smartphones and tablets with the latest versions of Android or iOS. Recommended screen size is greater than 5’ and 7’ for smartphones and tablets respectively.

The technical implementation supports the inherent features of both operating systems (Android & iOS).